Things Professional Housecleaners Aren’t Allowed to Clean  

We all know how tiring cleaning your home can be, and especially that we are phasing up endemic, we would want to spend our free time doing more jobs and bonding with the family. this is the very reason why we hire professional apartment cleaning service Arlington. Hiring a professional cleaner would also ensure that your house is disinfected and sanitized.   


although hiring service is easier and more efficient, need to take note that there are also limitations in their job. Read through this article to know things professional house cleaners are not allowed to clean. It is important that you understand that not all house cleaning services are the same, and these companies have different kinds of services that they provide.  

  1. Homes that are infested with insects and pests – if your home is already infested with pests or insects, housecleaners would need to reject you. this is to avoid spreading the bugs from house to house. you want to hire a professional cleaning service, need to make sure that your house is free from pests and insects. Hire a company that extinguishes pests and bugs first, before you can hire a professional cleaning company.   
  2. Special items like antiques – Again, cleaning services are different. some companies would ask you if you want them to clean special items or not including antiques, jewelry, and other special items. It is also important to take note that most of the screening services would not allow their staff members to clean special items like what we mentioned. this is because there is a professional service specialized to do the task, and he would not risk the quality of servers that they provide by cleaning fragile items that are expensive.   
  3. Hard to reach areas – rest assured that a professional service company would clean your house thoroughly. However, their services have limitations and this includes cleaning hard-to-reach areas. When you have a big chandelier or very long staircase, you need to understand that it’s not part of their job to clean those areas and surfaces.   
  4. Cleaning the rug or deep vacuuming the carpet – carpet cleaning is a different service, if you want your carpet to be vacuumed and cleaned, we need to hire a different company or request the cleaning service to provide additional carpet cleaning service. Cleaning a carpet requires a certain skill, knowledge, tools, and equipment to make the vacuuming and cleaning thoroughly done.   
  5. A house with an infected person – if you have a family member that was infected with COVID-19, it is recommended that you wait 14 days and have your house sanitized by a sanitation company before you hire a professional cleaning service to clean your home. this is the protocol that all of the services need to follow to ensure safety and protection.  

Hiring a professional cleaning service provides you a lot of advantages. However, as a customer, you also need to know certain limitations of their job. We hope we have given you relevant information that will help you in the future.